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Customer Knowledge

Sales Leader Interview Question:

How do you think our solution makes a difference to customers?
Lisa Earle McLeod Portrait

by Lisa Earle McLeod
Author of Selling with a Noble Purpose

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💡 Pay attention to the candidate’s ability to tell a compelling story about customer impact - instead of product details or internal targets.
UX Design

UX Designer Interview Question:

Tell me about a time where you had to solve a UX workflow problem.
Papa Akuffo Portrait

by Papa Akuffo

Director at

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💡 Pay attention to whether the candidate is user-focused while problem solving, and if they demonstrated a creative approach to solutioning and design thinking.
Product Launch

Product Manager Interview Question:

Can you share an example of how you launched a 0 to 1 product?
Victor Lu Portrait

by Victor Lu

Product Lead

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💡 Pay attention to the candidate’s ability to communicate how they defined an MVP, how they secured buy-in and resources, and how they measured success.
Product Design

Product Designer Interview Question:

Talk me through a recent product design sprint. Stick to the format of: problem, hypothesis and solution.
Greg Walloch Portrait

by Greg Walloch
UX Leader

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💡 Did the candidate clearly define the problem from the user's standpoint? Was their hypothesis backed by quantitative and qualitative customer data? Does their solution include KPIs and product success metrics, and are they realistic?