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Interview Intelligence Platform

Great hires start with great interviews.

Hireguide unites AI and hiring science to help teams run the best interviews at scale. The result? Better quality hires, faster.

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Hiring is always a journey. Finally, it's a smooth one.




more predictive of on-the-job performance




per interview






improves DEI outcomes


Too often 'not-great interviews' lead to 'not-great hires'.

Some applicant tracking systems don't offer the right tools to conduct effective interviews, engage hiring managers, impress candidates, or directly improve hiring decisions.


End-to-end interview management that makes hiring decisions faster, fairer, and twice as predictive of on-the-job performance.

How it works

Great process. Great hires.

At every step of the interview, Hireguide unites AI and hiring science to make structured interviews easy to use.

Before: Consistent AI interview guides.

Start with your job description, then get a custom skills-based scorecard and a multi-round plan with question-and-answer guides.

Interview Outline UI snippet
Interview Outline UI snippet "question 1"Interview Outline UI snippet "question 2"
Interview Recording UI panel
Interview Recording, AI Note taker highlighting candidate StrengthsInterview Recording, AI Note taker highlighting candidate Concerns

During: AI interview assistant for recording and notes.

Automatically capture shareable transcripts, recordings and skills-based notes.

After: Score and decide on evidence.

Bring together candidate scores, notes, and moments so you can compare feedback based on skills to make evidence-based hiring decisions.

Structured Interview platform UI showcase
Structured Interview : Smart Interview Progress UI snippet
UI snippet of Analytics Results Table
UI snippet of radial statsUI snippet of candidate analytics

Throughout: Data and insights to improve.

Coach interviewers on real performance and get measurable data on how to tune your interview process at scale.


Say goodbye to interview chaos.

Hireguide has helped thousands of talent teams make better hiring decisions.

Rajesh Uttamchandani

Rajesh Uttamchandani
Chief People Officer

“This actually makes skills-based hiring possible in recruiting.  Not just a good idea, an actual process.”

Dee Clarke Portrait Image

Dee Clarke
Talent Acquisition Leader

“I LOVE this platform. I talk to several candidates on a daily basis, and this has saved me so much time. I can’t imagine going back to taking my own notes.”

Image of Justine Carroll

Justine Carroll
Marketing Leader

“Hireguide’s transcription is amazingly accurate. I now have the ability to listen more closely to the candidate during interviews, instead of looking away or being distracted with my notes.”