Great hires start with great interviews.

Hireguide is a hiring manager’s toolkit to becoming an expert interviewer in minutes — whether you’re hiring for one role or 100.

Why hiring managers love Hireguide

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No training needed.

Hireguide makes enterprise-quality interviewing tools simple to use and available to every hiring manager — regardless of experience, company size, or number of roles to fill.

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Hire A+ talent.

Better hires come from better questions, better process, and better trained interviewers. Technology and AI take the mystery out of choosing the best-fit hire.

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Save hours on interviewing.

Spend less time preparing questions and uploading notes. Shareable video clips and transcripts make it easy to surface insights with your team, streamlining the hiring process.

For hiring managers

Simple but effective interview tools

Great hires start with great interviews. But knowing what questions to ask and what answers to look for — all while trying to listen and take notes — is too complicated. It shouldn't be.

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Get a structured interview outline in minutes.

Enter the position you're hiring for to get recommendations for skills, interview questions, and tips on what to look for in an ideal candidate.

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Interview recording

Automatic notes and insights

Hireguide works with Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet, so you don't need any integrations. Automatically capture critical moments with a click, record sharable video, searchable transcripts, and get AI insights on your interview.

For teams and departments

The easy structured interview workflow

Hireguide goes beyond a single-platform solution to offer a comprehensive toolkit of tech, community, and content that you’ll turn to again and again. Walk into every interview with the confidence and support needed to build your dream team.

Structured interview platform

Simple, collaborative workflow for teams.

Stand out with an unforgettable and fair candidate experience. We enable you to build compliant processes so you screen for skill and never miss another great hire.

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