Compliance and Security

Enterprise grade security & privacy design

Security and customer privacy are our priority at every step of the engineering process

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256-bit AES and 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption

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Security logging, uptime monitoring, and system availability metrics

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Adoption of the highest global standards

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Penetration tests by security experts

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Regular impact assessments


Hireguide is designed with a privacy-first approach from the ground up to help your team run a consistently fair and transparent process

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Record call in a candidate-centric way

Candidates will always know their interview is being recorded on Hireguide. Provide advance call recording notice with email notifications, affirmative click-through consent modules and visual queues so your candidates are well informed and never surprised.

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Share templates with industry peers without disclosing PII

With Hireguide, you can share and access interview templates and tips from industry leaders to continually learn and refine your process. The choice to share is always yours, and you can do so without ever disclosing your team or candidates’ personal data.

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Control the ultimate hiring decision

Hireguide helps you plan and structure interviews, take notes and revisit past interactions so you can choose the best candidate. Hireguide’s AI, however, will never make a candidate recommendation or decision on your behalf. We strongly believe the ultimate hiring decision belongs to you and your team.

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You own your candidates' data

Candidate and interview data uploaded to Hireguide belongs to you, allowing your team to direct and manage compliance obligations. As a data processor, Hireguide never shares your candidate data with other companies or third-parties.


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