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From phone screens to closing candidates, we have templates written by industry leaders and experts.

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Save hours with 1000+ IO-psych validated questions & dozens of templates.

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Skills-based interview questions help you screen candidates more effectively, resulting in better hires.

Rajesh Uttamchandani

Rajesh Uttamchandani
HR Leader

“You’re not the first person to hire any role, so why start an interview plan from scratch? Learn from someone else’s three hours of hard work in three minutes.”

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Hireguide's interview templates are skills-based interview guides designed by subject matter experts.
Each guide contains role-specific questions and scoring guides that help you assess candidates on skills required to excel in their role.

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Hireguide's interview templates make it easy to follow best practices in your hiring process. They contain predetermined lists of skills with evidence-based questions and answer guides to help you assess those skills. Use Hireguide's templates to improve both accuracy and fairness in your hiring decisions.

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