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User Experience (UX) Designer

Specific duties of a User Experience Designer (UX Designer) can vary from business to business — along with factors like company culture, work environment, and team dynamics — it’s vital to tailor any job description and interview content to your company’s needs and expectations.

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Why you should hire a UX Designer

UX Designers help companies achieve success by optimizing the design of their products, applications, and/or websites to create high quality experiences for their users. They are responsible for users' satisfaction with products and consistently work at elevating and innovating the customer experience.

In this hiring guide, we'll provide everything you need to hire a great UX Designer.

Top skills for UX Designers

Visual and UX Design Skills

UX Design
Design Thinking

Complex Problem Solving in Design Process

Strategic Thinking
User Empathy

Leading Implementation of UX Objectives

Business Acumen
Motivating Others

Cross-functional Collaboration

Verbal Communication

Sample UX Designer job description

User Experience (UX) Designers help companies optimize their products, applications, and/or websites to create high quality experiences for their users. They do so by engaging in user research and design thinking to learn, build, and test their ideas for product/application/website development. They use design tools to wireframe and prototype their ideas, and they work closely with other teams (e.g., product, web developers) or their clients as they execute their work. Doing so requires them to deeply understand the needs of their teams/clients to design solutions that capture the core product objectives and achieve business goals by providing exceptional user experiences. A critical part of the role that defines their success is their ability to apply their understanding of users’ emotional and functional needs to build products that have intuitive workflows and are easy to use.

Sample interview questions for UX Designers

Question 1

As a UX Designer, collaborating with Product and Developer teams is a big part of your role. What are some effective tactics that you use when collaborating with cross-functional teams?

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Jason Duong
Senior UX Designer — 12 years professional experience

What does this question reveal?

Candidate has the ability to collaborate effectively by involving others in decision making and positively influencing team effectiveness

Answer tips

  • Facilitates open discussion of ideas
  • Gathers input/feedback from all relevant team members
  • Presents ideas/designs by justifying them with evidence
  • Tailors communication to deliver messages effectively (e.g., not too technical)
  • Ensures others feel heard and that their opinions are validated

Question 2

Imagine you are given an extensive list of specifications to prototype. With so much information, which key factors would you need to consider before you start creating your prototype?

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Hireguide I/O Psych Validated
Haya Bakour, MSc I/O Psychology

What does this question reveal?

Candidate has the ability to apply a structured and strategic approach to developing prototypes from complex requests

Answer tips

  • Defines and confirms the goal of the project (e.g. communication tool, testing)
  • Identifies the key features/journey that will create the most value
  • Communicates with team/client to clarify expectations for deliverable
  • Understands their audience/who the prototype is being created for
  • Identifies what to prioritize and deprioritize based on prototype objectives