Compare candidates

Compare candidates side-by-side to decide based on evidence

The easiest way to bring together scorecards

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Using a systematic, numbers-based scoring approach to compare candidates has 50% higher predictive validity for job performance than a holistic approach

(Kuncel, Klieger, Connelly, & Ones, 2013)

The best post interview debrief conversations

Bring together feedback across the hiring team

Managers submit their own feedback before they can see feedback of others

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See overall candidate scores side-by-side

Rank candidates by their performance.

See overall strengths, weaknesses, and important flags for each skill

Dig into the interview recordings when the team can’t agree.

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Decide based on evidence

Mark winners, silver medalists and unqualified candidates.

How to Analyze Structured Interviews

Following the steps in our post: How to Conduct a Structured Interview will help make analyzing your structured interviews an effective and efficient process. The steps below are additional structured practices that also contribute to an easier analysis of your interviews.

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A Guide to Creating a Great Candidate Experience

Hireguide's interview templates make it easy to follow best practices in your hiring process. Get question-and-answer guides that help you screen effectively — leading to better hires and better candidate experiences.