Interview Skill Scorecards

Evidence-backed hiring, simplified

Share interview highlights, compare candidate scores, and consolidate feedback across the team using interview scorecards to make data-driven hiring decisions.

Take the guesswork out of hiring decisions

Interview scorecards help employers evaluate candidates in a structured, consistent manner.
This leads to equitable experiences for candidates, and evidence-backed hiring decisions for teams.

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Consistent candidate evaluation

When every candidate is assessed against the same set of evaluation criteria, it creates a clear benchmark for all interviewees, making it easy to identify best-fit candidates.

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Reduce bias

Reducing bias in the hiring process is not only ethical, but provides several benefits for your company. Studies have shown that diverse and inclusive workplaces produce financial returns that are 33% higher than the industry mean.

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Compliance and documentation

Documenting hiring decisions can be invaluable in case audits or disputes arise. It’s also a great way to show candidates that you are dedicated to fair hiring processes.

Efficient interviews, evidence-based hiring decisions

Skills-based hiring makes it easy to compare candidate skills and surface the best hire for your team.

01 Select skills

Enter a job title and select from relevant skills

Add the role you're hiring for, see the most important skills for the position, and select what matters most to you.

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Interview Plan UI

02 Plan each interview round

Assign skills to rounds for custom guides

Coordinate specific focus areas for each member of your hiring team. No more repetitive questions.

03 Assess and compare candidates

Compare candidates side-by-side

Transcripts and recordings are organized by each interview question and candidate response, making it easy to score and share insights with your team.

UI snippet of an interview being reviewed with its transcriptUI snippet of candidate skills scored

Skills-based scoring is 5x as predictive of performance

Organizing interviews on skills is 3-5x more predictive of on-the-job performance than organizing around previous experience or education.

Source: Sackett, Zhang, Berry, & Lievens, 2023