Our Stance on AI

AI is exciting, but hiring is human

Joel Young
Chief Technology Officer

“AI’s exciting place in hiring is to support managers to run a better process and make better decisions. It’s not ready to evaluate candidates.”

AI as a copilot

At Hireguide, we believe that AI is a powerful tool, but it shouldn’t replace humanity in hiring. Technology should be used to complement your skills, making your job easier — not obsolete.

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Focus AI on interviewers

Ethical hiring thrives when AI supports interviewers, rather than evaluating candidates. Multiple studies have shown that biases in AI interviews exist and can do more harm than good, especially against candidates from underrepresented backgrounds.

Using AI for good

Hireguide develops technology that is focused on creating beneficial social impact. To support this, we try our best to minimize any negative impact on people — whether you’re a recruiter or a candidate.

Hireguide is a B Corp built to unite the skills and mindsets that make magic at work. Fair employment practices build a strong foundation for businesses of all sizes looking to grow and develop. We’re leveling the playing field so that all companies have access to better interviews — no matter the size or budget. When you sign up, you help provide access to our fair interview technology for small businesses that don’t have large corporate 
budgets for hiring.