No need for a “data lake”, just rich insights on day one

Finally visibility into what’s really happening with your interview process

High performing organizations are



more likely to leverage analytics

Deloitte, 2019: People Analytics Solutions: Market Primer

Leveraging HR analytics can save



in HR labor costs 

Visier, 2019: The Financial Impact of People Analytics

Hireguide combines GenerativeAI with your interview data to provide actionable insights

Share an anonymous link with candidates during the interview automatically

Improve your process by chatting with AI to ask questions across all your interview transcripts and scores.

For example, what are the most common candidate questions for the Engineering team, or find candidates who scored 5/5 on “Prompt Engineering”

UI snippet of Analytics Results TableUI snippet of radial stats
UI snippet of candidate analyticsUI snippet of candidate analytics

Candidate Analytics

Create the best experience with direct candidate feedback.

For example, see monthly candidate satisfaction scores and the top drivers to improve their experience

Hiring Manager Analytics

Prove hiring manager effectiveness with direct interviewer feedback.

For example, the percent of managers that believe their interview created clarity on the candidate’s fit for the role

UI snippet of interviewer analyticsUI snippet of Interviewer analytics
UI overview of the Interview insights panelUI snippet of insights and stats about the interview, scoring the pacing and the talk ratio

Process and Compliance Flags

Ensure a smooth process every quarter.

For example, the percent of interviews that start on time, or see a report of all legally questionable topics

How generative AI is changing analytics

Screening, scheduling, sitting down to talk — recruiting is all of this and more, and most importantly it’s about connection. Reaching the right people. Hosting engaging interviews that resonate with applicants and reveal their fit with your culture.