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Integrated interview training for effective talent acquisition

Designed to adapt to your hiring team's ever-changing needs, Hireguide transforms interview insights into actionable training, ensuring your team is constantly learning and always on top of interview best practices.



Nearly 100% of hiring managers who have received interview training acknowledge its necessity and report conducting more effective interviews

(SHRM, 2020: Training staff to be better interviewers)

Establish a consistent hiring process with scalable training

Research-backed interview training

Hireguide's interview training content is backed by research and created by IO-psychology experts. Learn how to effectively ask and evaluate behavioral questions, build unbiased interview processes, ways to evaluate candidates, and more.

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Personalized interview coaching

Learn how to refine your interview techniques, ask more impactful questions, and make informed candidate evaluations — based on your previous interviews in Hireguide.

Guided interview planning

Create best practice interview processes with Smart Guide. Get a simplified, step-by-step tutorial designed to walk you through each stage of interview planning.

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Lead by example

Do you have standout interviewers? Empower your entire team by showcasing their techniques as great examples of effective interviewing, inspiring excellence and fostering a culture of continuous learning.

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The interviewing and candidate selection process varies among organizations. While some involve recruiters, hiring managers, team members, and executives, it's often a single hiring manager who shoulders all of the interviewing responsibility.