Unite the skills and mindsets that make magic happen at work

Work should be more than a to-do list. We work with purpose by helping others, striving to grow professionally, and consistently delivering through deep relationships.

The Experience We Offer

We’ve got you covered - we offer leading total compensation packages, generous benefits, 4+ weeks of mandatory vacation, and remote work.

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Help others

Join a small but quickly growing team making fairer interviews accessible to everyone. Make sure candidates are hired on potential - based on their job skills, instead of interview skills.

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Personal and Professional Growth

Future proof skills in Conversational AI - a rapidly growing technology sector. Work alongside top talent and access to industry leading mentors.

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Delivery Through Relationships

Quarterly global on-site experiences as a team. Be yourself - comfortable and empowered teams solve problems better!

Our Core Values


Be an Activist

Changing the world requires real action, not ads. We create experiences for employees to inspire others to remove bias from interviews through acts of courage.
We explicitly state and measure our collective social impact as a BCorp.


Think above the Line

When our mindset is "below the line", work feels serious, competitive, and committed to being right. But changing the world through evidence-based interviews is fun. It's a mission that requires us to think "above the line" with optimism, a commitment to learning, community, play, and creativity. Learn more here.


Co-pilot, not Autopilot

We use technology to improve human decisions - never to replace them. Candidates should be interviewed by curious, compassionate humans - not cold robots. We're building a future where AI is a co-pilot that helps coach real people to connect more deeply.



Our role in better interviews is to be co-creators with the hiring community. We facilitate the process for employers and candidates to build their own solutions together.


Grace and Grit

Our team is dedicated to helping each other balance grace and grit in our work. Grace requires mastery, space, and often, "less". Grit requires learning, focus, and often, "more". In balance, these practices are unstoppable.

Our Team

Problem solvers, creative thinkers, and innovators unite!

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Hireguide Team on a conference call
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Hireguide is built by LinkedIn alumni and startup experts
who have dedicated our careers to improving hiring solutions.

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Nine LinkedIn alumni are building Hireguide.
Our CEO (Scott) helped build LinkedIn Jobs & ATS, the CPO (Laura) helped build LinkedIn Recruiter. CTO (Joel) helped build LinkedIn Assessments, Skills Path and Video Intro.

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