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Executive Assistant

Specific duties of an Executive Assistant can vary from business to business — along with factors like company culture, work environment, and team dynamics — it’s vital to tailor any job description and interview content to your company’s needs and expectations.

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Executive Assistant interview templates

Why you should hire an Executive Assistant

Executive Assistants help companies achieve success by providing high quality administrative and coordination support to an organization's executive team. By providing personalized support to the executive team, they contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the business.

In this hiring guide, we'll provide everything you need to hire a great Executive Assistant.

Top skills for Executive Assistants

Administrative Capabilities

Organizational Skills
Attention to Detail

Stakeholder Relationship Management

Verbal/Written Communication
Relationship Building

Logistic and Event Coordination

Email/Calendar Management
Program Planning
Travel Management

Solving Problems and Supporting Others

Critical/Analytical Thinking

Sample Executive Assistant job description

Executive Assistants undertake administrative tasks which support executives within the organization to focus on high-level strategy operations. They are generally responsible for the management of this executive including scheduling their meetings and travel, responding to emails, answering phone calls, maintaining records and preparing reports. However, their role goes beyond just administrative tasks as they are often the executive’s ‘go-to-person’ and can act as a representative of their assigned executive. Performing this role requires strong organizational skills, excellent communication skills, as well as the ability to prioritize and multitask.

Sample interview questions for Executive Assistants

Question 1

Imagine your executive's flight has been canceled. They need to be in a very important investor meeting in that location the next day. What would you do?

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Alycia Damp, PhD IRHR

What does this question reveal?

Candidate has the ability to resolve unforeseen travel delays

Answer tips

  • Considers alternative solutions to get them to the meeting on time
  • Contacts the flight agent and attempts to book the next flight
  • Remains calm and proactively try to solve the situation
  • Discusses how to avoid/be prepared for similar situations in the future

Question 2

How would you approach proofreading and editing a document that had been written by multiple executives? Outline your process and explain any challenges you would anticipate.

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Haya Bakour, MSc I/O Psychology

What does this question reveal?

Candidate has the ability to provide support and develop high quality written deliverables

Answer tips

  • Understands the importance of consistency (in style, format, tone, etc.)
  • Considers a standard set of document guidelines for the company
  • Demonstrates excellent attention to detail and communication skills
  • Understands the need for sensitivity in the task