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Interview Intelligence Platform

Great hires start with great interviews.

Hireguide unites AI and hiring science to help teams create structured interviews, automate interview notetaking, and gain insights for improving your hiring process.

The result? Better quality hires, faster.

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Hiring is always a journey. Finally, it’s a smooth one.

Whether you’re making final decisions or finding dynamic talent, Hireguide makes the process efficient, effective, and enjoyable — for you and your candidates.

Skills-based interviewing is



more predictive of on-the-job performance

Structured interviews save interviewers



per interview

Improve diversity outcomes by





with skills-based hiring

Interview guides

Interview question-and-answer guides

Bring structure to your interviews with skills-based guides for any role. Our fully customizable guides equip teams with questions and answer tips to help you identify the best candidates, and can be shared company-wide.

Interview Outline UI snippet
Interview Outline UI snippet "question 1"Interview Outline UI snippet "question 2"
Interview Recording UI panel
Interview Recording, AI Note taker highlighting candidate StrengthsInterview Recording, AI Note taker highlighting candidate Concerns

AI interview assistant

Automate interview notetaking with AI

Our AI notetaker automatically joins your interviews across Zoom, Teams, and Google Meet to transcribe the conversation and generate notes so you can stay focused on candidates. Notes are synced with your applicant tracking system (ATS).

Insights for better hiring decisions

Get a full picture of your hiring process

Hiring decisions and candidate data in Hireguide are compiled to provide insights into your hiring process, giving your teams what they need to ensure that your hiring process is efficient, effective, and equitable.

Structured Interview platform UI showcase
Structured Interview : Smart Interview Progress UI snippet

Say goodbye to interview chaos

No more scrambling to share interview information.
No more wondering if candidates have consistent experiences.

Rajesh Uttamchandani

Rajesh Uttamchandani
Chief People Officer

“Hireguide has saved my team hours on interview prep. Every interviewer goes in prepared — making their jobs easier while making sure we’re screening productively.”

Dee Clarke Portrait Image

Dee Clarke
Talent Acquisition Leader

“I LOVE this platform. I talk to several candidates on a daily basis, and this has saved me so much time. I can’t imagine going back to taking my own notes.”

Image of Justine Carroll

Justine Carroll
Marketing Leader

“Hireguide’s transcription is amazingly accurate. I now have the ability to listen more closely to the candidate during interviews, instead of looking away or being distracted with my notes.”