Our Purpose

End bias in interviewing
- for good.

Certified BCorp Logo

Hireguide is a Public Benefit Corporation (BCorp),
which means we exist for a social purpose.


social impact goal:

Deepen human connection through

opportunity at work by making fairer,

better interviews accessible to everyone.

Multiple Stakeholders:Using business to help people

We design experiences focused on people success before corporate success

Green Check Mark

We help hiring managers make less-biased and higher quality decisions by improving their interview skills.

Green Check Mark

We help candidates get hired on job skills - not interview skills, and potential instead of pedigree.

No Robot Interviews:
Best of AI To Deepen
Human Connection at Work

Candidates shouldn’t be interviewed by cold robots or a video black hole. They should be interviewed by curious, compassionate humans. We’re building a future where AI is a co-pilot, coaching real people and helping them connect more deeply. Our technology is focused on evaluating processes and managers, not candidates.

Actions not Ads:Stated and Measured Social Impact Framework

Hireguide has built an industry-leading impact framework inclusive of multiple stakeholders. Our impact is overseen by one of our board members and our community of social impact advisors to ensure we exist to not just “do well” but to also “do good”.


Free Access

Subsidize free access to our fair interview technology to smaller businesses who do 50% of all hires but don’t have big corporate budgets for hiring.


Easy to Use

Make skills-based, structured interviewing incredibly easy to use for everyone.


AI-Powered Coaching

Raise consciousness of personal bias and awareness of better practices through AI coaching on their real performance.


Better Interview Experience

Help candidates showcase their job-related skills and enhance the quality of their experiences through feedback and transparency.