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Skills-based interview questions

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Stand out with thoughtful questions and a fair, unforgettable candidate experience.

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Save hours on interview preparation.

Use our interview outline builder as a foundation for your interview questions. Customize your outline as needed.

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Better hires from less biased interviews.

Reduce bias with skills-based questions to ensure that every hire is based on potential.

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Save hours of interview preparation in 3 steps.

Empower stakeholders and hiring teams with interviews that screen for the skills you need

Step 1: Chose skills that matter.

Enter the role you're hiring for and select the skills that are most important to you.

After selecting the skills you want to assess, you'll get recommendations for interview questions and templates to help you hire for that role with confidence.

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Step 2: Use a template.

Don't want to build an outline? Start with a template created by hiring managers from great companies.

Browse through dozens of templates for key interview rounds and roles. Create your own interview templates that you can share with your team and company.

Step 3: Edit & customize.

Finalize your interview outline.

Easily add, edit, and swap from our interview question bank. Arrange your outline so it becomes a script for your interview. Now you're ready to start hiring!

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More than just interview questions

A comprehensive question answer bank

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Questions written with professionals and backed by science.

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Explore tips to help probe deeper

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All questions are focused on a skill

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Easily edit, swap and rearrange questions

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Templates from experts at top companies

Hiring for a role you don't do yourself?

No sweat. Use one of Hireguide’s expert-submitted templates covering every role and interview stage, from phone screens to closing candidates.

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