Interview notes and recording

Automatic interview notes & intelligent recordings

Quick setup with no integrations required

Reasons to use the AI interview assistant

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Focus on candidates.

Our AI notetaker helps you transcribe your interview and take notes so you can focus on the candidate.

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Save time, avoid scheduling.

Share or review video interview recordings asynchronously.

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Make smarter hiring decisions.

Let AI help you search your transcripts for evidence of key skills

Intelligent notes, transcription, and video recording

Quick and easy setup using your existing video platform - no integrations needed.

01 Invite the AI notetaker

Add the AI notetaker to any video meeting.

Select an interview event from your calendar. You can use Hireguide video, or invite the AI notetaker to an existing interview on Zoom, Teams or Google Meet to record.

UI snippet showing the AI notetaker being setup with a simple invite
UI snippet of the Interview Notepad with notes, questions and marked moments

02 Interview notepad

See all your questions and mark critical moments with a single click.

Capture strengths and concerns with a single click, allowing you to stay focused and engaged on the candidate. All of your notes can be exported to share with an ATS or colleagues.

03 Share and score

Get sharable video and transcripts for each question & answer.

The AI notetaker organizes your transcripts and recordings by each interview question and candidate response, making it easy to score and share insights with your team.

UI snippet of an interview being reviewed with its transcriptUI snippet of candidate skills scored

AI Enriched Decisions

Even more reasons to invite the AI interview assistant

04 Searchable transcripts

AI helps you search for evidence to score focus areas

Search your interview transcript for skill based topics and score focus areas or responses to questions

UI snippet of interview transcript screenUI showing a transcript being searched, highlighting the searched skills in the transcribed conversation
UI overview of the Interview insights panelUI snippet of insights and stats about the interview, scoring the pacing and the talk ratio

05 Interview insights

Get personalized insights on your interviews

One click notes help you capture strengths and concerns, so you can stay focused on candidates. All your notes can be exported to share with ATS or colleagues.