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What is interview transcription?

Interview transcription is the process of recording and converting a conversation during an interview into documented text. This is helpful for hiring teams to recall key information from the interview, providing a foundation for skills-based candidate evaluation.

Why should you transcribe your interviews?

Interview Notes

With interview transcription, you can automatically record notes during the conversation while staying focused on the candidate. Most transcription services will take the audio of your conversation and transform it into a shareable, saveable text document that you can continuously reference as you interview candidates and make a hiring decision.

Faster Hiring

Advanced interview transcription software may use NLP and/or AI to identify key moments in the interview, saving you time that would be spent reviewing notes, watching and re-watching recorded video interviews, or compiling your thoughts on a candidate. You'll be able to review candidates asynchronously with your team by sharing highlights from your interview transcript.

Eliminate Bias

Interview transcription can help you eliminate bias during the candidate selection process. By having a complete recording of the interview, you can reference the transcript as evidence of each candidate’s performance and use it to inform your hiring decision. Transcripts help you establish your hiring decisions based on evidence instead of relying on gut instincts or non job-related information.

Legal Protection

Having transcribed, documented interviews provides definitive proof should HR investigations arise. Not only does this protect your company, it shows candidates that you are committed to conducting fair interviews.

Free resources for interview transcription

Hireguide helps hiring teams transcribe interviews for free, using AI and NLP to help highlight key parts of the interview.


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