New in Hireguide: Auto Record

Introducing Auto Record

Interviewers shouldn't have to choose between accurate interview notes and giving candidates their undivided attention. Today, Hireguide is introducing Auto Record to make interviews fairer and more efficient. Here's how you can start using Auto Record:

  1. Connect your calendar: Navigate to your "Recording" tab and connect your Google or Microsoft Outlook calendar.
  2. Enable Auto Record: Our AI notetaker will automatically join meetings with "interview" in the title across Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.
  3. Get your AI transcripts: Review your transcript for skill topics, responses, and important interview moments. Easily share notes with your team.

Why is this important?

Get accurate interview notes: Stay focused on candidates knowing you'll have a searchable record of questions and answers. Gathering and submitting feedback for candidates has never been easier.

• Hire faster: Share notes from your interviews with your hiring team or company. Having an accurate record of your interview ensures that your hiring panel can review each candidate in detail, even if they weren't there during the interview.

• Reduced bias, fairer interviews: Interview transcripts help you establish hiring decisions based on evidence instead of gut instincts or irrelevant information. You can compare candidate responses side by side, so you hire for skill and not likeability.

Be one of the first to try Auto Record with a free Hireguide account.

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